Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This site is part of Spirit Coaching, a company registered in the Netherlands.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

That is why we handle your personal information with care and respect. We think it's great if you sign up for one of our offers or buy a product from us. To organise that well, we need some information from you. However, we only ask you for the information we really need, such as your name, your address, your telephone number and your e-mail address. Once left with us, we monitor this data well and pass it on to nobody else.


If you receive newsletters from us, you can always unsubscribe. Under each newsletter you will find an unsubscribe link and if you click on it, your data will automatically be deleted and you will receive no emails from us any more. It can be that simple.

How we use your data

First, we need them to be of good service to you. Furthermore, it is useful for us to know which groups of people are happy with our information and which groups of people are not waiting for it. That is why your data also serves as a basis for research into possibilities for further optimization of our services. We use cookies for this process. You do not have to worry about that, because almost all websites do. A cookie is a small text file that continues to work in the background. This allows us to select targeted audiences for our campaigns and register how often an advertisement is displayed. That way we know for sure that we are not spamming you. Do know that your details are anonymised in this context and are no longer traceable to an individual person.

Our website

Although we do our utmost best to make this a perfect website, it can be that there are still mistakes in it. Of course, the responsibility for the information on our website lies with us. However, you are personally responsible and responsible for what you do with our information. You therefore have no rights that can be derived from the information on our website. We can also not be held liable for direct or indirect damage as a result of the information on this site.

So whatever you read on this site, you are responsible for everything you do with that information and any consequences that arise from it.

If you see big mistakes, then of course we would like to hear from you. Then we can adjust our website again.

Reviews and videos that we use on our website and on social media

Our conditions state that we sometimes film during the events and that in that case we can use that image material for promotional purposes.

For further reactions both written and video, we always ask in advance for written permission to use it on our website, as well as for social media.

Wishing you lots of happiness,


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