'25 Tips for Happiness' is an

e-book that is fun and easy to read...

If you apply the tips, it will change your life!

Mahatma explains

This book is written with examples from my own life. I know how tough my life was in my younger years. Nowadays I love my life and I am just so happy in all kind of ways.

So to write this book I started looking at the points in which, I myself, had changed in order that I to have this fulfilling life.

This book is about about self love, letting go and self-esteem.

It is fun and easy to read makes you aware of your own patterns.

This e-book helps you with the following subjects:

  • It shows you how you can raise your feeling of self worth.
  • How you can increase your self-esteem.
  • How you can let go of what you suffer from.
  • How to attract better relationships.
  • It explains about forgiveness.
  • How you can attract your dream life.
  • What you can do to experience more happiness?
  • How to deal with emotions.

Some of the many testimonials...

I love the e-book. I copied the page with the bulletpoints and this is now hanging in my restroom and a constant reminder. 
Thanks so much, 


I had to laugh regularly about the way you give the examples. Really super nice written. Thanks a lot,


I had a lot of fun reaing your e-book and I I recognized myself in your story. It really helped me further. Thanks so much for all the insights,


I read all 35 pages in one breath. 
 It is very good, clear and very nice written.

Love Anne

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