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You are not alone

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You find pearls
in the middle of drama.


A book for people who long for inner peace... 

Totally unexpected Mahatma is left by her husband. That takes her on a journey to find the ulitmate connection, the connection with herself. First she looks for this connection in new partners, which just does not work. Then finally it becomes clear to her that it is essential for her to find the connection with herself. That way she will never be alone. 

The power of this book is not only that we can follow Mahatma in her search for truth, but also that she gives insight in the unconscious processes we all have from her present awareness. 

The exercises in the book offers the reader a handle to to work on your blockades and issues. Mahatma writes without reserve and with an inspiring sincerity, while her life story keeps the reader bound to the book.

Mahatma Revier is Inner child therapist, a Journey therapeute, Sedona facilitator en life coach.

Divorce has its own beauty,

just like the start of a relationship.

A divorce has her own poetry,

you only have to learn her language and experience her deeply.

Then a new kind of joy comes from

that sadness.

That seems almost impossible,

but it happens.

I have known that joy.


Connecting in love.
Letting go in love.
Being connected to myself in love.

longing for Oneness

Mahatma: ' In this book I show you my quest for Oneness. My husband had left and I was struggling with all kinds of feelings that came up through the divorce. Anger, frustration, pain and grief came over me. Life was a bitch and I had to deal with that. I longed for connection, but the connection was hard to find. From the pain of separateness, I went on my way to inner peace and harmony. I never again felt alone.

Recognize yourself in me

I am very open and vulnerable in my story. I do that because I know that, even though I am a coach and I work as a trainer, I am just a human being like you, with feelings, desires, thoughts and emotions.

I am beyond the shame of my the shadow sides. I wish for you the same as it gives freedom. My desire is that you recognize yourself in me and that the way I have gone may support you on your way. That you let me be your coach for a moment and in order that you also find the light within yourself.


These are translations of the Dutch reviews.

This book is for anyone who is looking for insights.

Dear reader,

This book is very suitable for those who want to know how to let go of painful memories.

Roy Martina, ph. - author

Inner growth is wealth!

An excellent learning and workbook for those who are confronted with crises in their lives and who do not want to drown in it, but who want to use it for inner growth.-

Drs. O. Bachnoe, NBD Biblion

From light to darkness

A valuable book that, also through the exercises, will help you to become director of your own live again.

Elly de Lezenne Coulander

Yes, I choose for Oneness

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More testimonials

I am more in touch with myself

Hi Mahatma,

Last week I received your book,  I read it in one breath. Your book has confirmed me in what I already knew, but what becomes even more true now. Thanks for all your intense personal outpourings that bring me a step closer to myself. Your down-to-earth and clear italic texts also gave a lot of recognition.

My own inner development has suddenly gained momentum by reading your book. This has led me to have undergone an intense creative / visual process in recent days, which I would like to share with the outside world.


I healed my own injuries

Letting go is easier said than done. However, when you are guided with practical exercises which goes along with a clear story, it becomes much easier.

Because of the compelling way in which Mahatma writes, you will discover how many illusions we carry with us and how that affects our lives. That in itself is liberating and lets you see more clearly who you are and how you came to believe that.

I advise everyone to read this book. I have enjoyed the vulnerability of Mahatma and how her story gives me the chance to look at my own injuries and to heal them.

Tom R.

I got out of my drama

Mahatma, I want to thank you once again for writing that book and sharing your experiences.

It has helped me so in recent times.

Always going back to the love in me and not staying in my drama.

Reading your experiences helped me to flow and open myself for life.

To finally be in my power and to stop leaning and supporting someone else.

My heartfelt thanks!

Mit aller liebe


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