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                        From rock bottom to top...

Born in Germany in 1957 and left in an orphanige during her first 2 years of her life, she grew up in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Her youth was painful and full of rejection...

Mahatma: 'I took this painful start of the orphanage where I stayed for three months in Germany. Then I was transfered to Amsterdam and went again to an orphanage as my mother was Dutch and she could not take care of me. My father had deserted her when she was pregnant of me. After two years my mother collected me and brought me finally home.  

Home sounds nice but it was not a good place for me, as I then had an abusive, alcoholic stephfather who was agressive towards me. School was not good either as I was plagued during my five years in my primary school. 

All these experiences made the right cocktail for believing that I was not good. I went through my life with very low self esteem and ofcourse I got rejected often, as my believes about myself confirmed itself each time. 

At the age of 32 years I found my biological father in the USA and then in the end had a total collapse. I had to stop working and got the desease ME, the chronic fatigue syndrom. I was just at the end of my wit. 

I knew somehow that there was more to life...

That was a turning point for me. I had no other option to start looking at myself. At the emotions which were stored inside of me and all my negative believes about live and about myself.

I had many, many therapies and then started to follow lots of trainings to be able to help others. All my struggle and pain would not be in vain.

I am now a living example of how you can change your life, no matter where you come from and no matter what you have experienced in your life. We are so powerful.

 The ME lasted and for 15 years and  I could not work. Then slowly, very slowly I gained more energy and in 2000  I started working with people as a therapist. I could do this as in the main time I had followed trainings all over in the world, including the USA, Canada and India.

Coach and awakener

I work now as a coach and awakener. An awakener is somebody who awakens people en take them beyond their painful mindset, out of the illusion. It is my mission and passion to bring people in touch with themselves in order that they can live their full potential. 

Since 2010 I work with groups only, and I have made a shift in the awareness of thousands of people that have been to an event or who followed a lifechanger year training. This is because I bring them in touch with their essence, beyond their mind, beyond their limited beliefs.

I give events, lifechanger yeartraining, online masterclasses, challenges and I have now written three books.

In the Netherlands I had my first book: 'You are not alone' published in 2011 and that was straight away a bestseller. You can still get it for free now.

My latest book is 'Awakening in the now' saw light lin 2017. This takes you on a journey of how to attract your dream live.

Takes your steps and know you can make your dreams come true.

I did it too.


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