Manifest your dream life

Manifest; we don’t have to learn how to manifest, because we do it all day.

However, we often don’t manifest exactly what we want to manifest and that is not so convenient. Fortunately, you can change that. It’s about consciously attracting that which you desire.

In essence, you’ve attracted everything that is currently in your life. You might be happily looking around and say “yes… I did that well”. It may also be that it hurts to read this if you are not so happy with your creations. Either way, there is good news because, you can change the way you manifested up till now and then create your dream life.


Everything is energy. Now, let’s start with that. You think you have a body and that’s right, you do. You think your body is a solid matter, and that’s not right. At a quantum physics level there is no substance and you exist purely out of vibration or energy.

The most powerful source of energy that gives shape to your life consists of emotions and thoughts. Mostly it starts with the thought, although you are not always aware of that. Emotions and thoughts are linked together. You can see that this combination functions like some kind of magnet. The more you believe in something, or the more powerful you feel something, the more you attract it. So from your own energy you attract situations and people that fit your unconscious programming. Our unconscious programming consists of thoughts and emotions which have been formed in our childhood. That is pure vibration. So become aware of your vibration and bring it to the level of what you want to attract.

I am worthless

For example, if you subconsciously think that you’re not worth a lot, then you will often attract situations where that believe is confirmed. “You see”, is what you will think in that case, “I’m worthless”. Of course that is nonsense; you simply attracted proof of this with your subconscious beliefs and energy.
If you change that old belief into “I am worth everything”, then you will get proof of that and whatever you desire will flow towards you.

That sounds nice and simple and that’s exactly what it is. Below, I am going to give you tips to raise your vibration and to manifest your dream life. I myself am living proof that it is possible.

  1. Know what you want and describe that

This might be the most important tip. If you don’t know what you want, you are like a rudderless ship on a big ocean. The wind comes from the left and you go to the left, the wind comes from the right and you go to the right. Eventually you end up somewhere in your life but, like a puppet on a string, totally dependent on the outside world. You can have dreams and desires, that is inherent in being human. 95% of the people who describe their desires also live up to it. So, make that list today!

  1. It’s important that you’re happy

You can easily manifest by simply being happy. If you are happy, you are on a high vibration. With that high vibration you draw that dream life to yourself. So if you’re not happy, get started with your programming. You can really change that!

  1. Relax

Manifesting is not done through willpower or effort. Of course you have to take action and do your thing but, relaxing and doing nothing is just as important. Nowadays I notice (I couldn’t do that in the past) that if I’ve done nothing or a while, when I get home, all sorts of things will happen. My vibrations are high, I relish and I’m relaxed and I subconsciously open the doors of my being and I say “just flow to me”. It’s not what I do, but what I let happen.

  1. Visualize or use a mind movie

Every image that you give your subconsciousness becomes truth. Your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between images that you see around you that are reality or images that you give yourself that aren’t there (yet) at all.

For example: You look out your window and see your neighbour’s house. That is reality.
Now close your eyes and in your mind, look out of the window of your house and see a beautiful lake before you (or something you would like to see). Your subconsciousness doesn’t know that the last image is fiction. That, where you put your energy, becomes bigger. So the more often you give yourself that vision, the greater that energy becomes. At a certain point you win the lottery or something else and you sell your current house and you simply get to live in your dream home.

  1. Vision board

    You can give yourself images every day but, you can also make a vision board. You attach images and sayings of the things that you desire. Then, you hang that in a place where you regularly see it. The best part is that if you open your eyes in the morning, you see that board immediately.

  2. Mind movies

    In my opinion,  the mind moviesare the most powerful tools you can use to realize your dreams. Because you look at it every day and it are moving images that are linked to music, they deeply enter your subconscious mind.

  3. Use affirmations

    Every time that you say the same affirmations to yourself, it enters your subconsciousness more and you create new neurological connections. If you also throw a portion of joy into it and add a joyful dance, it gets even more energy and whoop… you’re in the right vibration and the desire can manifest.

  1. Let go of the resistance to what you want to manifest!

We’ve been crafted in a very special way. Often times we long for something and at the same time, we also resist it. That’s like giving gas with the brakes on and of course that’s not productive. So take your foot off the brakes, see what you’re worth and go for it. Also tell yourself regularly: I will let go of the resistance to having… (your desire).


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