4 laws of manifestation

Attracting happiness: you can make your dreams come true!

I’m taking you for a trip back to my own past. At the moment that life should be lying at my feet, I was lying down on the couch at home.

Completely disapproved workwise, filled with painful emotions and living under the sickness benefits act because of ME. The question; “What am I doing here and how do I get out of this situation?” haunted me in daily life. No, life was no party… After being completely disapproved for fifteen years, I slowly climbed out of the valley, step by step. In the year 2000 I carefully started working with people. I had already followed several courses and I already knew that this was my mission: helping people attract happiness by raising their awareness and transforming their old grief.

I started my practice with individual consultations and small groups. Despite things going quite well soon, I still struggled with the feelings of lack. Lack of money, clients and especially love. Oh how I longed for a partner. He just didn’t come! How often I felt powerless and alone…

Now, eighteen years later, my life looks completely different. My events are full, I no longer have to worry about my finances and I live together with the sweetest and most beautiful man in the world. Yes, we can make dreams come true. My first book: ‘You are not alone’ was published in 2007 and became a bestseller. My second book, ‘Awakening in the NOW’, was published this year in March. In it I take the reader on my journey from feelings of shortage to the abundance that I live in now. Now I can rightly say that life is pure magic and that we can shape it ourselves. There are, I have discovered, certain laws. If you start adjusting your thoughts and actions to that, you can rapidly change your situation. In my book I give numerous examples of such laws and their concrete applications. I’ve selected several of them for you here.

Law 1: Thoughts and emotions

With our thoughts and emotions we attract situations and people. This means that if you are mainly in fear and with feelings of shortage, you will attract more shortages. If you desire more, you will have to let go of these feelings of lack. You can simply do this by shifting your focus from lack to abundance. You can start to realize your dreams by keeping a daily diary in which you write every day what you are grateful for. If you start and end your day with that, you program yourself for more abundance. Happiness: it can be that simple!

Law 2: Letting go

Another law is that you have to let go of what you desire. Yes, you read it correctly. We often are being too cramped to get something. Then, the opposite of what we want manifests itself. We get frustrated and give up. “You see, it doesn’t work” we then say to ourselves. However, it does work. Only you (your ego) are in the way of your (too great) desire to make your dreams come true. If you visualise for a while every day and then let it go in the fullest confidence that the universe gives you when it is time, it can flow into you effortlessly.

Law 3: Trust

We humans are not separated from everything, from the universe. The universe is the abundance itself. And even though it feels different sometimes, we are connected with it  during this life. You have a part that is pure light and love within you. The more you become emphatically aware of it, the more you can allow light and love. Then it becomes possible to rely on something that is neither tangible nor visible. That “something” is essential, it is your being, your light. It guides you through this life, whether you believe it or not. If you dare to trust that, then you get these inspirations, and unexpected possibilities come your way and you can make your dreams come true. Small direction indicators that we often overlook. Pay attention to this in the coming times and dare to follow these indicators. It will give you so much!

Law 4: Self-esteem

How you value yourself is what you get in return. If you’re longing for a partner but, believe that you can’t be loved, then that partner can never come to you. Even if he is standing right in front of you, you’ll send him away. All this is a result of your lack of self-esteem. Realize that you come from the light and are still connected to it now. Whether you’ve made mistakes or not: you are and remain a child of light. So tell yourself regularly that you deserve what you desire. In addition, ask yourself the question: ‘Why don’t I have that yet?’ Then look at what spontaneously comes up in your mind and let it go. The universe wants to give you what you desire, and wants to make your dreams come true!

Looking back at my own life, I can only say how endlessly grateful I am to everything. Also for that very dark period in which I was struggling with myself. It has given me a tremendous inner strength. And in addition, empathy and understanding for the clients that I deal with in my annual trainings. The difficult times were necessary to transform myself. The further you get on your path, the more you can enter into the process of awareness in a relaxed way. Then happiness is no longer a cure, but food for your soul.


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