RAS - We have a google in our head that allows us to fulfill our dreams
16 mei 2018 

RAS - We have a google in our head that allows us to fulfill our dreams

We make dreams come true on a daily basis

Every person has dreams and every person has opportunities to make them come true. That’s is how we are made. You just need to know how things work and how you can apply the tools we have.

I’m going to explain something about it, so breathe in and out and read. One important part of your brain that helps you with realising your dreams is the reticulate activation system. I’ll shorten it to RAS. This RAS works like some kind of filter for your reality.

RAS Your personal google

You have to imagine that your subconscious mind is like some kind of sponge. It picks up information everywhere. It’s always in the reception mode. In total, your RAS receives around 20 million bits of information per day. Out of that, almost everything is deleted and only 40 bits allowed. If all the information would enter our awareness, it would be far too much and we would be overwhelmed. So it’s great that we have that nice built in button of the RAS system.

You can see it as a kind of google in your brain or a kind of secretary in your head that determines who can enter your subconscious and who doesn’t.

Our brain enlarges the things that we focus on

The RAS filters what fits your mindset and your desires. That information is allowed into your consciousness; the rest is automatically deleted, and that which is deleted is not visible for you. So it only receives things that you are interested in and that are relevant to you.

How does it work?

By giving attention to a certain desire, this system is automatically activated. So it goes into effect if you are interested in something. You give that something your attention. Whether you actually want that something or do not want it, that does not matter. That, where you put your focus on, will be attracted.

For example: suppose that you occasionally have been overwhelmed. At a certain point you are so fed up, you just don’t want that anymore. You say: “I don’t want to be overwhelmed anymore”. With that statement you give your flooded part a lot of energy. The word “not”, does not count for the RAS. Your focus is on subject and that is the overwhelmed part. Your RAS can not distinguish that you don’t want that anymore. It only picks up the “overwhelming” and as a result, only attracts it more. Heavy, right? You think that you’re doing a good job but, in the meantime that which you don’t want any more, is happening.
So if you don’t want to be overwhelmed anymore, leave the word “overwhelming” out and appoint exactly what you   do want instead. Then your focus is there and it can flow towards you. E.g. “I live in freedom and I feel super relaxed”.

I recently bought a new car, a Ford Ecosport. I never noticed that car before. Because of my purchase, my energy was with the Ford Ecosport. One day after my purchase I came across 2 other Ecosports. I wasn’t consciously looking for it, but my focus was on the subject and that was the Ford Ecosport.

The same happens for example if you are pregnant; suddenly you see women with big bellies and strollers everywhere. Your attention is on your pregnancy. These examples are the things that you’re really not even aware of.

Making dreams come true

If you have a certain dream and you bring your dream more into your consciousness, your RAS will look for a specific answer to your desire. That is why it is so important to clearly describe your goals. Then it gets to you on a deeper level and, as it were, gives the command to your personal Google to find answers to your desire. Desires want to be fulfilled.

You get what you think

The RAS is also closely related to your self-mage. That is based on your convictions and experiences that you have gained as a child. Your RAS is always looking for information that matches your self-image and your beliefs. That is what it recognizes and that is the information it allows.

If you believe that you are not worthy to have money, then that belief will be confirmed every time. It’s not the world doing that but, you yourself doing it through your RAS.
So if you change your self-image, you also attract new possibilities that fit your new self-image.

If you don’t find yourself worthwhile on a subconscious level, you will be confirmed every time. Your RAS searches for the evidence that fits your self-image..

If you believe that something is impossible, then it is true. We find that which we focus on. You see what you believe. That does not necessarily mean that what you believe is actually true. However, you make your truth out of it.

Your secretary is waiting for your dreams

IF you’re intensely engaged with your dreams, you tell the secretary in your head that all relevant information regarding your head may come in. Your RAS is always listening. You can compare it to a radar, which is always scanning if there is something of interest for you. For example; it scans conversations, people or articles.  Because of your focus you attract the right people or you just happen to get an article in your hands that you just needed.

So you can create your own reality, or you can be determined by your programming. It just depends on what you choose.

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